We here at Brightside Hemp Shop strive to deliver the highest quality hemp products available. All of our products are made in the USA, from trusted brands we have known and worked with for years. All of our CBD Oils are lab tested, mostly by a third party, with each ingredient listed in the product description. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable- From the void fill to the cellophane packing tape. 

We want this store to be a love letter to the Hemp industry. I have personally experienced the positive health benefits of Hemp and Cannabinoids in general. I have seen it work its benefits into the lives of others, including family. The potential of this plant is truly limitless. We plan to positively impact as many lives as we can by bringing this miraculous plant and its many forms, to all. 

Much more on the horizon so make sure to follow us. Thank you for choosing Brightside Hemp Shop,


❤️ Christopher Rago- President of Brightside Hemp Shop

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